Our Values

At Rickwells Himalayan we aim to support the Fair Trade production of high quality products from beautiful Himalayan countries. To do this we strive to share, preserve and celebrate the unique artistic skill and craft expertise which goes in to each and every one of our items. 


hand loomed
Our shawls being hand-loomed


We currently source products from Nepal which are made primarily by women. Our manufacturer’s core business aim is to empower the women of Nepal, giving them skills they can use to work and become financially independent. This enables them to support their children and their health by working in a Fair Trade environment creating the beautiful products that we supply.

By being successful, the manufacturer in turn is able to support the local production of the materials they use which keeps local people in work and boosts the surrounding community.



A selection of our beautifully handmade products

We stock a variety of items from ornamental gifts to festival clothing and are always on the lookout for new, colourful and unique products to bring to our customers.

We value high quality and ensure that the items we stock are made to last – so you can buy right and buy once. We want our items to last for as long as possible, and in this way hope to contribute to reducing the amount of rubbish thrown away each year.

Stocking more and more items made with modern sustainable materials, such as hemp, is an ongoing goal for Rickwells Himalayan. THC Free Hemp products are strong, durable and part of a rapidly growing market.




Rickwells Himalayan is a forward-thinking business with an eye for the future of sustainable and ethical products. We are constantly reinvesting in new sustainable lines and it is our long-term goal to put a percentage of profits back into earthly and charitable causes, as well as supporting our own local community.



rickwells himalayanRickwells Himalayan is as much about you as it is about us. Our customers are our motivation and we want to supply you with products you love, ethically produced and available at market-leading prices. We’re always on the lookout for new products, so if you have any suggestions, please do get in touch.

Furthermore, we love to meet and work with other ethical UK businesses of a similar nature – so if that’s you, let us know about the good work you do. In our Features & Events section of the website, we put some of these businesses in the spotlight to help our customers make even more great choices.