HempStyle is Finally Here

Well it seems about time that I am finally writing this, but we are extremely proud to announce the full comprehensive launch of our new ethical fashion brand, HempStyle. Yes, it’s been a long time coming but HempStyle is finally ready to rock n’ roll. Our BRAND NEW products have arrived, our ALL NEW website is online and our online shop is open for business. 

As you can see, we sell quite a variety of ethical clothing and accessories over here at Rickwells Himalayan, and we quickly learned that not only are hemp products on the rise across the world, you guys love them more than anything else. So we decided to create a unique brand dedicated to hemp, upholding strong ethical values while creating and delivering high quality items. Through HempStyle, we’re keen to spread the word about the benefits of hemp over other materials and as such drive its rapidly growing use in all kinds of cool products.

One Earth Shoe Range

Okay, we’re super excited about this one – our first major range for the HempStyle  brand is the One Earth Shoe Range. We’re still adding the final touches, but this range of hemp shoes breaks new ground in bringing the properties of hemp to truly fashionable footwear.

You won’t find them on the shop yet, but we can confirm that the hemp trainer (pictured below) is going to be ready for retail this summer. We have our first samples already and we’re over the moon – they feel great and look awesome.

hemp trainer

Hemp Hats

Although we love all our products, these hemp hats are worth a special mention here. We’ve never stocked them before but they are definitely the must-have summer accessory.

So of course please do check out our new site – it’s super easy for you to leave us some feedback so we’d love to hear from you. Just remember….

Think Sustainable. Think Hemp.