Goodbye 2018 – Bring on 2019!

So that’s it then – Christmas done and dusted, the cold remains of the turkey on a plate in the fridge ready for January’s sandwiches and a lonely last chocolate hanging by itself unseen on the back of the tree. We hope you had an amazing Christmas, but now it’s time to look back at our 2018 and look forward to an exciting 2019 ahead.

Our 2018 in summary

rickwells himalayan collage

We’ve had a great year – Rickwells Himalayan has built up from just an idea with a few products to a multi-platform online ethical retailer. We are proud to have developed our online shop to compliment our increasing sales on eBay, all the while expanding our product range so we can offer even more high quality Fair Trade clothing, bags, blankets and more.

Back in the summer we attended our first market thanks to the Exeter Vegan Market at the Corn Exchange and we loved meeting our customers face to face. It was such a success that we did a few more throughout the year (and yes, we will be back for more in 2019).

That’s great, but it’s not all about us…

We’ve made a lot of progress, but we couldn’t have done it on our own! It’s all of our customers on eBay and our website, our followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, our friends and family, and everyone else who has given us a like, a retweet, a nod of support and a smile of approval. It’s you who have enabled Rickwells Himalayan to grow and your support of our ethical Fair Trade products has been amazing.

Thank you!

We owe a great big thank you to everyone that has been with us on our journey so far – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Where is Rickwells Himalayan going in 2019?

As mentioned above, we’ll back at more markets in 2019 – as ever, keep an eye out here for news on when and where these will be.

Hemp has been a hit in 2018, so we’re going to stock more of it in 2019. It’s the material of the future so we are preparing to stock new hemp products as well as obtaining more of our ever popular backpacks.

Our online shop is up and running and we have ironed out the early glitches so we will be looking to maximise the way we use it – stocking more products at a better price with bigger discounts than any other platform. It’s the way forward for Rickwells Himalayan online.

Finally and perhaps most excitingly, we plan to bring our own unique Fair Trade Himalayan products to market in 2019. Designed by us and created for you, this is an exciting expansion and we look forward to revealing our ideas in the next few months.

That’s all for now…

We hope that you had a great year too – but more importantly we hope you have a Happy New Year and an amazing 2019. We’ll see you next year!