Competition Time! – #rickwellshimalayanstones

We’re excited to finally announce our brand new (and first ever) competition where you could get your hands on any of our products for FREE! That’s right, one lucky winner will get a free product from our website of their choice, and two runners up will receive a £10 gift voucher each towards any future purchase. To enter, all you really need is a smartphone with a camera and a keen eye!

How it Works

Lots of these stones are going to be dropped in various public places all over the country! All you have to do is find one.


  1. If you find one of these stones, take a picture of it and upload it to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #rickwellshimalayanstones. Let us know where you found it.
    • For Facebook, post it on our page using the hashtag
    • For Twitter, tweet it to us using @rickwells_93 and use the hashtag
    • For Instagram, post it as you normally would being sure to include the hashtag (If your instagram account is set to private please tag us in the photo or we will not see it!!)
  2. Either put the stone back where you found it, or re-hide it for someone else to find. Don’t make it too difficult!
  3. When we receive 200 entries into the competition a winner and two runners up will be chosen at random and contacted. The winner will be able to choose any item of their choice from our website. The runners up will receive a £10 gift voucher for Rickwells Himalayan.
  4. Good luck – we will ALWAYS confirm your entry when we have seen it, so if we haven’t then PLEASE contact us.

Simples. Any questions?

How many stones are out there?

We’re not saying! But rest assured there are plenty, far more than in the picture above and we may keep adding to them as the competition progresses.

Could they be abroad?

They could be anywhere in the world! But they will more likely be in the UK, as that is where we will be dropping them. If you find one, feel free to take it on holiday with you and drop it off in another country!

I don’t live in the UK, can I still win?

Yes, but we can only cover the postage of your prize to a UK address. Any additional costs will need to be covered by the winner.

What kind of place might I find one?

Anywhere. It will be a place the public can access and could be discreet, yet visible. Some may be really out in the open. Others might only be spotted if you are stood facing a certain direction, or sat in a certain place. When you’re out an about, keeping your eye out for one should be enough – you shouldn’t need to go rummaging!

Can I enter more than once?

No, sorry! Even if you find more than one in different places, we can only accept one entry per person.

I found one! Can I keep it?

No, sorry! Please put it back where you found it or place it somewhere else for others to find. Remember we need 200 entries before selecting a winner, so you will want other people to find them too!

How are the winners decided?

In the old school fashion of putting names in a hat and drawing them out!

Can I trade my prize for cash?

No, sorry. But we hope that you will find something you like on our website that you can have.

If I win, is there a limit on the item I can choose?

No – this is the best bit! ANY item, and we mean it.

Is there a deadline/closing date?

At the moment, no. But keep an eye on our social media, as we could announce one. We will give you plenty of notice though!

I have a problem/question – who do I ask?

Get in touch with us on social media or Contact Us through the website.

Good luck and happy hunting!